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From dancing to designing luxurious jewelry...

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Richard Mondio, of Sicilian origin, was born in the US and raised in Brazil. He attended college in the Midwest and Southwestern United States.

He has traveled throughout Europe, South America and the US from the age of 10 and is proficient in 5 languages.

Mondio also has a BS Cum Laude degree in Media Arts in Film and TV from the University of New Mexico.

Richard Mondio began his dancing career in ballet from the age of 15 and began teaching ballroom dancing at Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray studios in 1980. He attained the Latin American Championship title in 1988

Mondio was the executive producer and host for 2 Hollywood based cable TV shows. "Fabulous Fashions" and "Ready For Your Close Up" were produced to promote and expose the latest in the fashion industry and striving actors.

In 1990, Mondio moved to Honolulu, Hawaii to produce video documentaries and launch a nationally syndicated radio program coast-to-coast. He received a telly award for his TV documentary and a commendation from President Bush for his service to the community.

While in Hawaii, Mondio also began writing his book, Get Any Woman You Want, a reflection of his life-long career in dancing with the opposite sex.

Mondio moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1994 to open a dance studio and continue his dancing and teaching career. Together with dance instructor Debbie McMillian, he choreographed and produced his Salsa instructional DVD for beginner, intermediate and advanced level students.

Richard Mondio currently teaches dance at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, the College of Southern Nevada and also teaches privately. He is proficient in the various ballroom dances, smooth and rhythm, as well as salsa, tap, jazz and ballet and specializes in Argentine Tango.

Mondio also choreographs wedding dances for newlyweds and their wedding party. His services are available, on a fee basis, to travel to your home town and teach you to dance.

Richard Mondio's custom jewelry sets are his newest creative addition. These necklaces, earrings and bracelets are individually hand crafted for the discerning client who wishes to be noticed with a touch of class. These unique and fashionable Swarovski sets are made to order and come in a variety of colors and tones to blend-in with your very own taste.